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Peaches is in the happiness business

The band plays at a grand gala (Peaches O'Dell and her Orchestra)

Well hello there. Thank you SO much for visiting us. Welcome. And now — drum roll please — a little bit about us.

Peaches O’Dell and Her Orchestra have played for a couple of U.S. presidents, the rich and famous, the infamous. We’ve played for newlyweds, military brass, dancers, families and dogs. We’ve ushered thousands of people from one year to the next on New Years Eve. We’ve been there for weddings, monumental corporate gatherings, civic celebrations, public concerts, and giant swing dances. We were there for small family moments and jumbo events in mammoth venues.

And we love it. To share in such events is an honor.

And our mission? We’re in the happiness business. No, really. Happiness is very powerful, positive and inclusive.

We’re talking straightforward, simple happiness here — the kind which is good for the heart, good for the community, good for the audience. We try to transport folks away from their cares with music and give them NEW experiences: Dance, sing, get in a Conga Line. Feel like you are in an old movie if you want. We try to leave our audience with a certain optimism to take home with them, like a party favor.

We also offer tunes which are unbelievably evocative and fabulous, perfect for those cocktail or dinner hours — or to compliment a guest of honor, a bride and groom, a public official.

So my take away message today? First, thank you for visiting. And second, remember that happiness is good. Happiness is participation. Happiness is timeless. Now let’s all share a tune and a smile!